Faculty Guide

Information Literacy

What does that mean for students?
The Library has many online tools to help students be more successful with their research assignments.


We encourage you to arrange for a library session either in the library computer lab or in your classroom.

Research Refreshers are a wonderful way to help your students feel more confident about an upcoming research assignment.

These 15-20 minute sessions are customized to the assignment and your librarians conduct them right in your classroom.

Customized Course Research Guides

  • Students need to get at the resources they need for a course 24/7.
  • The library offers many resources that support the full curriculum.
  • Students are often confused about what resources are best for their course assignments.

Customized course guides contained in one convenient online location all of the resources that are relevant for a particular course: recommend print and/or online books,journals, databases, AVs, websites.

Other material that you want can be added to the guide. Each guide includes detailed information on how to construct bibliographies using eitherAPA or MLA formats.

Contact the library to arrange for a customized research guide for your course.

Are there books,journals, AVs or other material you think the library should acquire?
Let us know. We'll see if we can add it to the colletion.