Quincy College Libraries

Quincy College has libraries on both the Quincy and Plymouth campuses. The Anselmo Library on the Quincy campus and the Krovitz Library on the Plymouth campus provide a full-range of up-to-date resources and professional services in support of the educational goals, values and mission of Quincy College.

Library resources provided to the college community include: over 45,000 print and electronic books, over 100 journal subscriptions, 2500 AV titles plus a database of over 4000 streaming video clips, and nearly 50 online research databases. The libraries purchase a copy of every textbook that is required by a course and place them on reserve in each library for easy access by students. As members of the Old Colony Library Network (OCLN), Quincy College students and faculty have immediate access to collections in 29 libraries on the South Shore and can utilize the Massachusetts State Virtual Catalog to locate and request books, journals, and AVs. The gateway to all resources and information about current hours and services is the library website at www.quincycollegelibrary.org and via the “Library” link on the Quincy College portal.

The professional staff consists of faculty librarians who provide a wide range of learning opportunities for students and faculty on conducting research, efficient use of available databases and information literacy. Librarians create electronic custom course guides to bring together and highlight for students the most relevant resources for their studies and offer in-classroom refreshers to help students achieve quality results with their research assignments.

A valid student ID is required to access the libraries, access the print management system and to use the resources through the Old Colony Library Network. The libraries are equipped with wireless access, computer labs and/or individual student workstations and a variety of study spaces. Printing is available for currently enrolled students. The Quincy campus library also contains 2 photocopy machines.


The Anselmo Library is located on the third floor of President's Place. The library is named in honor of former Quincy School Committee member Francis Anselmo, a longtime friend and benefactor of Quincy College.


The Bella S. Krovitz and Robert W. Krovitz Library is located in Cordage Park. The library is dedicated to the memory of these individuals who demonstrated skilled leadership and guidance for the funding trustees of the college.


All library users are asked to respect the Library Code of Conduct which protects the rights of patrons and staff, preserves and protects library materials and facilities and maintains an environment that is conducive to reading, research and study.